Meditation is remembering.


Meditation is remembering.

Remembering that you are not your body nor your mind.

Remembering, that behind them is an observer – removed from the one being observed. And perhaps there is something behind it, even prior to the observer.

Remembering that you are not your emotions.

Remembering that there is consciousness, that gives birth to said emotions.

Remembering that life carries and will carry. That life comes to you and responds to you. It does not happen to you nor do you create your life. You only interact with life, as life interacts with you.

Remembering that you can easily deceive yourself. You come up with excuses to deviate from your principles, your own principles. Why that time was an exception to the rule and how this is different from that. How it’s all a trap. And how you can only build something true, something genuine by sticking to the promises you make to yourself.

Remembering that we all share this one, same path. How no one is in front or behind anyone else, regardless of how it might seem. How we are all walking each other home. To where we once came from, where we will all return eventually.

Remembering that each moment on that path, this planet, in the life we share – is a miracle.

Remembering to wake up with gratitude for our lives. For the ability to think. To feel. To do. To accomplish. To try. To fail. To see the shadow created by light. To feel both the warm and the cold.

Remembering to be grateful for our existence, no matter the suffering it might contain.

Remembering that countless of individuals have dedicated their lives to reducing suffering.

Remembering that we are, you are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be.
Remembering that the higher self, “God”, and your guardian angels – are all connected, and are all within you.


And remembering, that we remember.

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