About nothingness


What if it’s all fake underneath?
All fake after all?
Everything you experienced?

Every connection you formed, every interaction you had, every input you received?

What if you fall from this grace?
How would you feel?

What is true?

If you think you are flying high, how does the ground look?

How would you feel if it looked like nothing – and in truth it might?

To be falling into nothingness?



Maybe, like good news?

Because nothingness is where we belong.

From emptiness, we come.

To emptiness, we return.

It’s natural for us to go there.

Between some things, there are no things.

Between something is nothing.

Between nothing is something.

I like nothingness.

And I can be content with nothingness.

Because the next some thing will come sure enough.

As sure as the sunrise on a new day.

Ain’t never let us down yet.

So while you are in nothing.

Being no thing.

Why not make yourself comfortable, while journeying through space? Time?

Not just physical comfort, something that suits your consciousness

As well as stillness, as well as movement,
as well as alone, as well as together,
as well as in routine, as well as in creativity.

But while having that thing
remember the nothing.

Inside of you.

And remember it with a smile on your face.

And you’ll never be afraid to fly.

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